The journey began in 1968 holding the hands of Mr. Sambhu Nath Ghosh, the founder of Radharani Ghee. A visionary from a small town of West Bengal, Malda –Shyam Sundar Ghosh and Kalpana Ghosh is running the show right now for both of the brands taking far and wide among ghee lovers and buyers.

Sambhu Nath Ghosh was a government employee but apart from the nine-to-five job, he always pondered over his passion to offer high-quality ghee to buyers. He strived hard to fulfill his one motto of making customers super happy with the products so that buyers are happy and come back for repeat purchases.

His passion and years of hard work got a shape in the form of a store that was set up in Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Market in 1974. Since its inception, the store is running successfully in the name of Radharani Ghee Bhandar.

He delved deeper and spent another 16 years and in 1990 the first brand was formed with the name “Krishna Ghee” and the same got registered. It has been 33 years and Krishna Ghee has carved out its own niche and stands out from the pack as a brand. Krishna Ghee takes a majority market share in the northern part of West Bengal.

In 1992, the parent company, Himalaya Food Product was formed and along with that, Mr. Subhrangshu Kumar Ghosh, son of Mr. Sambhu Nath Ghosh, took charge as a proprietor.

Mr. Subhrangshu Kumar Ghosh was the key person who expanded the distribution network aggressively and under his leadership the expansion plans of the distribution network moved on at a rapid pace.

In 2009, under the leadership of Mr. Subhrangshu Kumar Ghosh, a new brand got established with the name of “Radharani Ghee” and the marketing of the same started in 2010.

Both the brands Krishna Ghee and Radharani Ghee are still running successfully and expanding in leaps and bounds.

In 2017, things came to a standstill as the founder Sambhu Nath Ghosh passed away on January 20 and the company lost its visionary leader. Within a span of next 5 years, death again put forward its menacing footsteps and the company lost its brand builder Subhrangshu Kumar Ghosh on June 20. Himalaya Food Product will always be indebted to these two gems for their matchless contribution, dedication, and hard work.

Both the brands “Krishna Ghee” and “Radharani Ghee” will always miss their founder- the way they helped in its foundation taking the company’s growth to the next level. The two brands are still running successfully and the store Radharani Ghee Bhandar in Malda continues with its success story. Shyam Sundar Ghosh & Kalpana Ghosh are running the show right now for Radharani Ghee taking the brand far and wide among ghee lovers and buyers.