Radharani Ghee 1 LTR Jar

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Whether you are a professional chef, a home cook, or someone who loves exploring new flavors in different recipes, Radharani Ghee is a perfect choice for every foodie. The process of making ghee involves several stages, which are as follows:


The first stage in making ghee is to collect the milk. The milk is typically collected early in the morning when it is still fresh and warm from healthy cows.

Skimming off the cream

Once the milk has boiled for a while, the cream is skimmed off the surface. The cream is set aside in a separate container.

Boiling the milk

The next stage is to boil the milk in a large pot. This is done over a low flame, and the milk is stirred continuously to prevent it from burning. As the milk boils, the cream rises to the surface.

Making ghee

The final stage is to make ghee. The clarified butter is heated again over a low flame until all the water evaporates and the butter is golden. The butter is then strained again to remove any remaining milk solids. The resulting ghee is then poured into a jar or container and allowed to cool before use.

Clarifying the butter

The next stage is to clarify the butter. The cream that was set aside is added to the pot of boiled milk and boiled again. As the mixture boils, the water in the milk evaporates and the fat separates from the milk solids. The fat is then strained through a cheesecloth or a fine mesh strainer to remove any remaining milk solids.

Ghee Packaging

Radharani Ghee is typically packaged in pet bottles with airtight lids to maintain freshness and prevent spoilage. It is done with care and perfection.

Ready For Dispatch

Ghee pet bottles are typically prepared for dispatch by ensuring they are properly labelled, sealed, and packaged to prevent any mishap during transportation.

What We Care About


Honesty is our core value. Being transparent with our customers is what we love to be.


We are committed to using only pure ingredients, free from additives and preservatives, for the tastiest ghee.


Our brand honours the timeless tradition of making ghee with the essence of grandma’s love and authentic richness.


We prioritize customer satisfaction. Stay healthy as we produce the richest ghee straight from our farms for your meals.

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